Hadano Tokawa Park


Hadano Tokawa Park in Hadano City is a famous park surrounded by mountains. There are many forests near the park so people can enjoy the nature.

Things to see

There is a big bridge in Hadano Tokawa Park. It is a good place to take pictures. People can enjoy the beautiful lanscape from the bridge. There is also a flower garden. Different flowers bloom from season to season. For example, tulips bloom in April, and hydrangea blooms in June.

Things to do

Children can play ball games such as baseball and soccer on the field in the park. And there is an athletic ground and big trampoline. Children can have a lot of fun here. A river flows near the park so I recommend that parents and children play in the river when it is hot.

Best time to visit

The best season to go to the Hadano Tokawa Park is summer and winter. This is because during summer season, people can enjoy swimming in the river. During the winter season, the bridge is lighted up. It is very beautiful.


There is a barbeque facility in the Hadano Tokawa Park. People can enjoy a barbeque amidst nature. There is also a tea house. The teahouse is built using traditional methods. People can taste matcha and Japanese confectioneries while viewing traditional garden. There is a sports center near the park. People can try bouldering there.


In Hadano Tokawa Park, many interesting events are held all around the year. For example, the hydrangea fair is held in June. People can see many hydrangeas, and take pictures of them. There is also an agriculture fair. Parents and children can plant sweet potatoes and harvest them later. These events are fun and educational.


The park is well equipped. For example, there is free wheelchair rental. You can also borrow a frisbee. People and dogs can enjoy Park. There is also a nursing room for mothers with young children.
Opening hours
Opening hours of the park is from 9 am to 4 pm. You can spend the whole day there so I recommend going to the park early .
Hadano Tokawa Park is free, but it costs 2700 yen to use the barbeque facility except July and August. You pay 3,250 yen for barbecue rental in July and August.
Getting here
Take a bus from Shibusawa station on the Odakyuu Line. The nearest bus stop is Ookura. It takes three minutes on foot to get Hadano Tokawa Park from the bus stop.
1513 Horiyamasita, Hadano, Kanagawa
URL: http://www.kanagawa-park.or.jp/hadanotokawa/index.html